Alcohol Free Lager Gift Pack
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  • What's it like?

    This is a great gift for anyone who loves lager. All the variety of alcoholic lagers but with none of the alcohol. If you're looking for a special gift for someone who doesn't drink then look no further. 

    A selection of 26 cans and bottles of alcohol free lagers from around the UK and Europe all packed in festive packaging.

    Prices includes a Christmas cracker and a Christmas card with your own personal message so it can be sent direct to the lucky recipient - just remember to tell them not to open it straight away!

    Price includes delivery.

    Select your preferred card and add your message above before adding to basket.

    Cards, cracker and packaging is fully recyclable. Cracker contains no plastic. Cards support Cancer Research UK.

    Non-drinkers sometimes feel they are missing out but not with this alcohol free lager selection pack. Contains 13 different lagers; two bottles or cans of each.

    This pack contains 2 of each of: 

    Bitburger Drive 0%, 

    Budweiser Budvar 0.5%. 

    Sagres Lager 0%, 

    Bohemia Regent Renegat Pilsner 0.5%, 

    Estrella Galicia 0%, 

    Free Damm 0.0%, 

    Furstenberg Pilsner 0%, 

    Juplier Pils 0.0%, 

    Jever Fun 0%, 

    West Berkshire Solo Pilsner 0.5%, 

    Krombacher Pilsner 0.5%,  

    Super Bock Pilsner 0.5%

    West Berkshire Solo Pils 0.5%.

    We reserve the right to amend the contents if for any reason we have a stock shortage in which case a comparable lager of equal or greater value will be used.

    How much alcohol is in this product?

    0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume).

    * Please note all information provided on this page is for information only. Whilst we endeavour to ensure it is accurate it should be verified independently as required.