Code 091-FRAN-WB(SGL)
Code 091-FRAN-WB(SGL)
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  • What's it like?
    Franziskaner alcohol free wheat beer is an exciting full-bodied beer that delivers notes of citrus and spice, with lively carbonation and that typical wheat beer flavour.

    How much alcohol is in this product?

    0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume).

    How many calories are in this product?

    There are 21 kcals/100ml in this product.

    How much sugar is in this product?

    There is 1.8g of sugar/100ml in this product.

    How much of this product am I getting?

    There is 500ml per can/bottle.

    Who makes this product?

    This product is made by Franziskaner.

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