Our Favourite Alcohol Free Lagers From Spain and Portugal

Our Favourite Alcohol Free Lagers From Spain and Portugal

Our Favourite Alcohol Free Lagers From Spain and Portugal

Non-alcoholic beer is a great alternative to alcoholic beverages, particularly for anyone who can’t have alcohol due to religious or health reasons, anyone who trying to reduce their alcohol intake, and even those who are trying to be a little more aware of the sugar and calorie intake linked to alcohol consumption. If any of these situations apply to you but you want to enjoy tasting all the world has to offer, here is a selective list of our 4 favourite non-alcoholic lagers from Spain and Portugal.

Super Bock

Super Bock is a lager that is a very close replica of the original, but without the alcohol content. It was released in 2007 and comes in a bottle. It boasts a sweet, and floral, with a slight taste of sweetcorn and root beer and a creamy mouthfeel. This Portuguese lager is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot day.  

Estrella Galicia 

This Spanish lager is made by a fully family-owned company, Corporación Hijos de Rivera, in northern Spain which has been making non-alcoholic beer since 1988. It is vegan friendly with floral hints, and a slightly hoppy flavour. The fermentation process they use is an interrupted fermentation that interrupts the process of fermentation before the sugar can turn into alcohol. 


Sagres is a golden lager from Portugal that is moderately rich in flavour, with hints of citrus. This 0.0% version of the popular Sagres is the perfect complement to a hot day, and is very easy to drink and enjoy with it’s refreshing taste. 

San Miguel

San Miguel is a popular Spanish lager, and this 0.0% version is a bright gold colour, with herbal, floral notes, and a hoppy flavour. Vegan, and vegetarian friendly, and the delicate flavours pair well with lighter fare such as a beautiful salad or a baked fish dish. 

These 4 lagers, and many others, are a great alternative to alcoholic beverages. All the flavour of beer without the intoxicating effects and empty calories means you are free to enjoy as many as you want without worrying how much is too much. 

If you're still not sure which of these lagers to try, go ahead and try them all, everyone has different taste and only you will know which you like best. However, if you have tried them and want to continue to expand your alcohol free horizons be sure to try this Iberian Selection Pack that has a mix of darker beers and lagers from both Spain and Portugal. This is a 24 pack of beer with 4 cans or bottles of 6 different beers.