Mikkeller Brewery - Ready For Review

Mikkeller Brewery - Ready For Review

What is Mikkeller?

As well as being a microbrewery which creates various styles of beer, Mikkeller also help operate bars and restaurants all around the world, host an internationally - renowned beer festival and have a worldwide running club with 250 branches in 37 different countries. Mikkeller also engages in collaborations and fun projects with people world wide.

Where did it all begin?

It all began in 2003, when a Math and Physics teacher started experimenting with Hops, Malt, and Yeast. He developed a taste for foreign beer and came up with an idea to set up a 'beer club' where himself and some friends would sit in his basement discussing and tasting beers. Some days after work, He would visit the local pub where he was introduced to an Indian Pale Ale which he fell in love with instantly. This made him realise, he could save a lot of money, and hopefully win a competition if he made a beer like that himself.

Mikel and his childhood friend, Kristian Keller began multiple experiments. Their first experiment was the clone of the 'Brøckhouse IPA'. Eventually the clone won a blind test within the beer club, The feeling of victory got the two friends excited on the idea that others might love it too. They joined a home brewing contest at the national Danish Beer Festival and returned home with multiple medals. 

After two and a half years of the kitchen experiments, they began brewing their beer on a larger scale at the Danish Microbrewery Ørbæk. In 2015, Mikkels twin brother, Jeppe, opened a shop in Copenhagen which helped distribute Mikkeller's beers to beer lovers all around the world. This helped to spread the word of the Mikkeller beers worldwide.

The Breakthrough of Mikkeller, Beer Geek Breakfast 

The major breakthrough for Mikkeller, was the simple idea to add French press coffee to an oatmeal stout. The result was amazing and was voted as the number one stout on the international beer forum 'RateBeer.com' 

In the same year as having their first official stand at the Danish Beer Festival, two American distributors flew all the to Denmark to speak with the brewery. Which resulted in Mikkeller signing a distribution deal with American beer distributor Shelton Brothers in 2015. To ensure that they was able to keep on top of the high demand for the beer, they started producing 'Beer Geek Breakfast' at the Danish microbrewery, Gourmet Bryggeriet. 

In 2007, Keller left Mikkeller to continue with his career as the editor of a music magazine. Mikkel remained at the brewery to see his dream follow through with the Mikkeller beer. He continued to do this at home, whilst also marking and preparing lessons. He came up with all the recipes, packaged bottles and kept all of the accounts.

In 2010, Mikel decided to say farewell to his students and go full time and the brewery as the growth of Mikkeller was rapid. In this same year, he also opened his first bar, Mikkeller bar, on Viktoriagade in Copenhagen's Vesterbro neighbourhood. 

Mikkeller have been holding an annual beer festival in Denmark Øksnehallen,  called 'Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen. Also known as the (MBCC).

Production rate

2018 was a record breaking year for Mikkeller, in the sale of the NON ABV products. The amount of people who had interest in low alcoholic drinks had risen massively. Today Mikkel exports his beer to 50 different countries all around the world. The best seller for Mikkeller is an american pale-ale style wheat beer called 'Drink'in the sun'


Mikkellers Weird Weather - The prize best beer (of all beers) at the Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival in October 2018

Information that might be interesting - didnt know if it was relevant

At the beginning of April 2021, Mikkeller began to offer testing at the enterence of Warpigs brewpub for all costumers who didnt have a negative test registered in their covid passport. This was in collaboration with the health care company Practio, who also provided all the staff at Warpig with all the training they needed to be able to support the customers do their tests efficiently and correctly. As well as providing all the training, Practio also made it IT systems available, reports to health authorities and Infection Detention. Mikkeller also offered a free beer to have whilst you was waiting for your test results.