Meta Title: 5 Vegan Alcohols You Have To Try

Meta Description: Discussing 5 vegan non-alcoholic beverages from the client’s website. Briefly talking about what makes them good. 

5 Vegan Non-Alcoholic Beverages To Try

One of the more difficult aspects of a strictly vegan lifestyle is how isolating it can be, particularly when going to someone else’s home. Part of this is due to the lack of vegan options available in most places. However, at least where Non-alcoholic beer is concerned, there are options. Here are 5 wonderfully inclusive options for your next BYOB gathering, or for just hanging out at home. 

Hop & Hemp - Lowdown Lager

Hop & Hemp is a different type of craft brewery. Based in the UK, they focus on non-alcoholic beers, and combine it with CBD as a way to unwind without the hangover. Their Lowdown Lager is a golden pilsner style lager made with Saaz, and Perle hops. There is a spicy, floral smell, and a sweet citrus-y taste that lingers and 8mg of hemp-derived CBD per bottle. 

Mikkeller - Weird Weather

Mikkeller was started by a maths and physics teacher before deciding to make beer. This is no way a negative reflection on the quality of beer produced by this brewery. There are 4 versions of Weird Weather, with one of them being an alcohol free version. It is a NEIPA, which is a New England style IPA, that is straw coloured and offers a pine and citrus flavour that will perfectly compliment a warm summer evening.


Nirvana - Dark And Rich Stout

Nirvana Brewery is an independent brewery in Leyton, East London. They have a dedicated low/no brewhouse and they feel that people should not be excluded in social settings because they choose not to drink. Their dedication shows in their Dark and Rich Stout with its roasted malts and flavours of chocolate and vanilla that is perfect to be enjoyed year round. This stout is gluten free as well. 

Lowtide - Are Wheat there Yet?

Lowtide’s Are Wheat There Yet is a half-pale ale, half-wheat beer that combines Lemondrop, Sorachi Ace, and Motueka hops. It is inspired by the idea of the American road trip with the hopes that it will embody the freedom that represents. This refreshing Vegan alcohol free beer should be enjoyed cold, and in the warmth for best results. 

Northern Monk - Independent North

Northern Monk’s Independent North may not actually be named Independent North. It goes by a multitude of names such as 22.05, Welcome Skate Store, and Independent North. Though its name may be decidedly ambiguous, the hoppy IPA flavour created with El Dorado, Zappa, and Amarillo hops is not. It also has a complex flavour profile with an herbal earthiness, and citrus. 

These are just 5 out of the many vegan non-alcoholic beer options offered, so feel free to indulge without the intoxication. Every Non-alcoholic beverage mentioned in this article has been confirmed from the packaging, or the brewery, to be vegan. This has been done to ensure the utmost transparency of the company for their consumers. Check out our full selection here.